In May 2014, the lives of 4 individuals and their families changed forever when Garrett Anderson locked his keys in his car. No one could have imagined that a simple locksmith service call would lead to the death of 2 young girls and serious injury of another. At the time, Garrett Anderson was unaware of the locksmith practices of GA Lock & Key. A pricing dispute lead to the hit and run of 3 innocent victims and the wrongful conviction of the 4th victim, Garrett Anderson. 

The purpose of this page is to bring awareness to the 4th victim in this tragic accident, Garrett Anderson. A simple lock-out lead to his conviction and  incarceration. Garrett is currently serving the mandatory 20 yrs of his 45 year sentence. This is a miscarriage of justice that we hope to rectify. Please explore our page and social media platforms for information on this ongoing case.