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On May 25, 2014, a 23 year old Honor Student, Athlete, and employed photographer Garrett Anderson went on a Sunday evening shopping trip to Walmart.
That night this poor "kid" committed the "HIGH CRIMES" of (1) locking his keys in his car while shopping at WalMart; and (2) calling the WRONG LOCKSMITH.

A "Locksmith Scammer" (See:  Tansu Kanlica  intent on collecting a highly inflated price ($175.00) for opening Mr. Anderson's car (normally a $60-$90 job), got into a disagreement regarding pricing then as Mr. Anderson was trying to get to an ATM to accede to the scammer's intimidation and extortion, Kanlica engaged Mr. Anderson in a car chase. Kanlica lost control of his car and smashed into a group of teenage pedestrians, killing 2 teenage girls and severely injuring another. 

Garrett Anderson, who was either going to an ATM or fleeing a criminal and kept 100% control of his vehicle and HIT NO ONE was prosecuted for, and convicted of vehicular homicide.

2018-07-27 (my discovery date) SOMEWHAT GOOD NEWS - On 7/31 in Cobb County there is to be a hearing on Garrett's motion for new trial! More news as I get it...